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Mr. Ghost, hit the beat!!

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Mr. Ghost, hit the beat!!

Small Q TM : )

The idea came from “Rock n’ roll will never die”.

Who love music will keep loving it, even in the other side.

Well, I did spend a lot time drawing this :D


ROCK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!
(I’m doing my rocker hand gesture right now)



Hey, daddy

My dad passed away this March, my whole family were sad about this.

My mom was the saddest because she loved him so much. She couldn’t help crying during his funeral even the entire week. My sister, who gave her heart completely to my dad, kept saying “Thank you, daddy.” when my dad’s breathless body was carried to home from the hospital.

I was heartbreaking.

My dad and I didn’t get along well when I was a kid. I hated him because he was a chauvinist. He said terrible words to my mom and beat her. I couldn’t stand it so I chose not to speak to him, but I loved him before. He was a great man in my heart, and I just didn’t know why he did that or say that to make family worse. I was angry with him, I think he was someone I’ll never love again because he hurt people he should love. Even I know he has loved me since the day I was born, but I still couldn’t understand and I ignored my love to him for many many years.

After my dad lost his left foot because of the diabetes, he changed. He wasn’t happy at all. I think the main reason is he thought he had nothing. He didn’t speak much and shut down his feelings. My mom is a traditional woman, that’s why she didn’t leave him even he abused her. She took care of him and felt guilty all the time. And my brothers and I, except my older sister, still acted the same. We ignored how we felt and we were afraid of him, just like our childhood.

But in the end, people have to face the truth.

October last year, I broke the ice with my dad. Not only just said I love him, but also I forgave him. It was a  difficult thing for me, and my heart felt weird during the time because I haven’t done it for a long time. He cried out right away, and we hugged each other with love and understanding. I’m really glad I did this before he left me.

We didn’t have much time since the ice was broken. He became very sick. This Chinese New Year is the last one we had him in our family reunion.

He forgot a lot of things in the hospital, and he was so weak like he was ready to leave any minute, watching him like that was a torture for us. I told him I love him and thank you everyday. I was so afraid that he will remember me as the small child who didn’t get close to him. I don’t want any regret no more. And one day, in the midnight, my sister called, and she said daddy died……

Hey, dad.

All I wanna say is you’re the best man in my life.

I know, you see our tears come out sometimes, but that’s because we love you so much.

We miss you, and you must feel that.

Your chauvinism wasn’t cool, but I don’t blame you because I know it was just your image.

I can see what really inside you now.

You have a wonderful, warm, lovely, faithful, beautiful & pure heart.

I think I have some of these :)

Because they all say I’m just like you

Daddy, I love you, always I do.


Little gift for your Monday!!!

Specially for the people who have Monday blue, LOL

But don’t be scared, I just wanna make you laugh!!


Here we go!!!


1. People see me as a……


2. I think I am a……


3. But in fact, I’m a……!?!?


HAHAHAHA!! I LOVE THE PANDA ONE!!! And I don’t know why : D

It works in Taiwan. My friends love my ridiculous sense of humor XD

Hope you like it, too : ))

And smile, for your whole new day!!!


(I’m not sure if you can see this, but I just typed 2 Chinese words which means “cheer up”.)

24 Billy by Will Pan

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He’s one of my favorite singers in Taiwan, Will Pan.

Will is an adorable & talented sunny boy, but in this song he wrote and the music video, he shows the dark side in his incredible lyrics and performance. This song is about split personality, and the idea was from the book “The Minds of Billy Milligan”.

Will had a big hard time with disapproval because he won the The Golden Bell Awards of Best Actor, but many people said he didn’t deserve that. Will was upset but he knew he must break though it. So his new album presents his efforts.

I have to say that as a Taiwaness, this song really blew me away because it’s special and crazy. It’s fast, but I can hear the meanings are deep inside the lyrics and his singing. There are anger, confusion, craziness & passion. And the most important thing is he’s honest, and he stood up to face the people who tried to defeat him. He was chubby but he lost his weight, he did his best to learn how to dance, he wrote the song by himself and it’s really amazing!!!

Will Pan is definitely a great performer that people in Taiwan should be proud of.

And if you’re watching the music video now, LET’S GET CRAZY WITH HIM!!!!